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So Much For Romance

Thursday, January 17th, 2008

Al Ties the Knot

It came as no surprise to learn that Al got married shortly after the demise of Hate the Radio and the so called ‘White House’. It also came as no surprise that no one from the circle of friends which Al knew even was aware of this.

A Yahoo question asking if Quixtar is a scam garnered several negative comments, including one that went on to say that you will lose your friends. I see why now. Al put it simply: What if you spent your whole life doing something and then someone shows you what you have been missing? Apparently, what Al was missing was Christ and Quixtar. He took to both like a fish to water after more than 30 years of being a non-believer heathen and bouncing between about 50 different jobs in his life.

What Al was not missing was those who were considered friends a year previous. He also was not missing the people that he wrangled in to leaving their lives behind and moving from far off places to a horrible city in NY for the united cause of making a few hours of audio embarrassment a week. Honestly, the show was entertaining sometimes. I sure had fun when it was happening, and I’m partly sad that it disappeared.

As someone who was there for him over the years, I feel nothing more than loss. I curse Quixtar Amway Global/Alticor for manipulating the dreams and desires of the weak. I shake my head in disbelief at Al. Looking back 13 years ago when Al was holding a broken glass bottle in his hand and feeling threatening to himself, it was my door he knocked at. I was the person who showed compassion and consoled him. I was the one that took the bottle from him.

Two years ago, it was me who helped him move 800 miles North. I scrubbed his filthy kitchen floor and more free from a years worth of accumulated dirt. As Al was without any funds, it was me that paid for his gas for the return, not to mention paid his outstanding cable bill so that I could continue to work while I stayed with him prior to the move. Upon returning to NY, he paid the money I had fronted from his parents wallet.

As I am no longer around Al, the focus of this site, I have not had anything to post. This website is in effect ‘complete’. Al denouced his long standing friends and traded them in for him team of MLM dreamers. In one of our last conversations, he made it obvious that the people he ‘works’ with were his new friends and that he has was done with myself and the others who tried to warn him about Quixtar.

To Al, congratulations on getting married to your fat wife.