The Biased Truth About Amway

Amazing! This is simply the best way I can respond. Here, a new website that is 8 days old, ACHTUNG AL! has drawn the ire of a IBO that throws blows.

Looking back to the previous ACHTUNG NEWS post, you will see a lone comment from ‘ibofightback’. This comment comes from the desperate admin of a fresh site entitled who simply can’t sleep a wink until spreading the ‘truth’ about Quixtar/Amway on little known websites such as this one.

 Really, this site has only been in the search engines for less than a week and already some Amway zealot is looking for a link back. Sorry pal, you don’t get a free ride here!

35 Responses to “The Biased Truth About Amway”

  1. POMP Says:

    You spelled “biased” wrong sweetie.

  2. Torgo Says:

    The Master does not approve of your spelling techniques!

  3. ibofightback Says:

    Censorship already? Achtung! indeed

  4. Zadoc Says:

    Although I find it rather silly that “ibofightback” feels compelled to post here, I do welcome his/her biased opinion. It’s good to see how far gone some of these Amway cultists are, and that they’re not “stupid gullible fools”, but really quite clever. I think that speaks volumes towards those who actually get roped up into losing tremendous amounts of money through Amway/Quixtar.

  5. Achtung Al! Says:

    Aghhh, the keyboard on this laptop is too short for me and often I transpose letters. I deny that I misspelled bias and insist it was a typo!

    In response to ibofightback, I’ve realized that there are rel nofollow tags in all links posted in comments, so your website will not be impacted by keeping your links.

    As far as censorship, I stated your domain name in a post that solely was based on your existence and your rabid desire to defend a company by posting on unknown blogs.

    Your purpose is to be an evangelical IBO and only report the light side of things and denounce the dark side. My purpose here is to chronicle he true experience someone I’ve known for 13 years and who has seperated himself from those who he called friends.

    This blog is not a free advertisement zone, so to the ovens with your weblinks.

  6. ibofightback Says:

    But you consider it ethical and moral to edit my comments and replace links to another website? As you did.

    My “purpose” is to address the very kind of bullshit on sites like amquix, the one you changed my link to. As for “only report the light side” then you apparently haven’t even bothered reading my site.

    It’s your blog and your perogative to act so unethically as to secretly edit people comments, but I think that says more about you than me, doesn’t it?

  7. Achtung Al! Says:

    Ethics and morals are subjective, so yes, I was being moral when I changed the links to your trash in order to prevent my readers from suffering the eyestrain your site causes. I tried reading some things on your site, but it was so horribly designed I left in frustration.

    As for bullshit, you obviously haven’t read anything on this site. It is clear this is an opinion based website drawn from real life observations and actual Quixtar orders. I don’t see how buying $200 worth of junk each month for a $10 check is a good idea.

    I welcome your comments as they entertain me and my readers. If you don’t want your links to be edited, then go buy a banner ad somewhere like a real business.

  8. ibofightback Says:

    The “bullshit” was clearly in reference to the Amquix site.

    As it happens, I entirely agree with you - buying $200 worth of “junk” each month for a $10 check sounds like a stupid idea.

    What’s that got to do with Quixtar though?

    (a) many of the products are award winning, best of breed products, hardly “junk”, so you’re not referring to Quixtar there.

    (b) you don’t make any money in Quixtar by buying stuff, you make money the same way as any other business, generating sales volume, getting volume rebates based on that sales volume, and reselling at a profit markup. So you’re not referring to Quixtar there either.

    It seems you’ve misnamed your site, since it apparently has nothing to do with the Quixtar business.

  9. Zadoc Says:

    This is getting very comical - question Amway/Quixtar in a small and newly founded blog and they send the PR goons in to “correct” your “facts”. Ibofightsback is like the secret service of Amway.

  10. Achtung Al! Says:

    Hmm Zadoc, maybe this prickture of IBOFIGHTBACK makes things a bit more clear:

  11. ibofightback Says:

    PR goons? Dude, I searched Quixtar on google blogs a couple of days ago (sorted by date) and you came up

    You call me a Nazi, when you’re the one secretly editing posts to fit your world view?

  12. Zadoc Says:

    @ ibo…

    What has been edited out of your posts aside from the removal of your links? It appears that your opinions seem to be left intact, it is only your weblinks that are not welcomed - which by the way are not technically “edited posts” but edited links in the header.

    Why are you so maniacally obsessed with posting on this blog whose active readers probably total somewhere around 12 people? Honestly if I wasn’t already put off by pyramid schemes, religious cult like activities, and “tool scams”, knowing that Amway IBOs maniacally scour the web for blogs and forums to invade would put me off ever wanting to be associated with such frightening people.

  13. Courtney Says:

    also @ibo:

    You also need to know that a great deal of the people looking at this site are people who are probably doing just that; researching the whole Amway/Quixtar business for whatever reason. Chances are they already have an opinion formed one way or another. The people that I know personally that are on this board so far, are people that I know to be very aggressive when they do research something. I have looked at actual, official Quixtar material (not just stuff that angry anti-Quixtar people put out there), and it furthered my fear, wariness, and overall amusement at the gullibility of the portion of the general public that buys into it. I have seen footage of these seminars and put put it most mild, I found it chilling.

  14. ibofightback Says:

    So Zadoc, what would you prefer, reading stuff that is false or misleading, or reading stuff that is true?

    The blogger isn’t just removing links, he’s replacing them. I only put one link in the comments, and it was relevant. Lots of new and reactions about the name change on the site. He changed that link to link to a amway critics site which doesn’t even mention the name change. In addition, he’s been changing the standard link associated with my nick.

    Courtney - what footage of “these seminars” have you seen? You talking about stuff like the Dateline footage? Not exactly “chilling” but I don’t like it and find it pretty creepy to - that whole “flush that stinkin job” chant for a start.

    But Courtney, that wasn’t a Quixtar seminar. That was a seminar run for Quixtar IBOs by a support company (owned by Quixtar IBOs). I work with a different support company, and we don’t do any of that kind of crap. Heck, I’m a liberal secular humanist. There’s no politics pushed at the seminars I go to. There’s no religion pushed. People don’t make ridiculous claims about the incomes involved. We treat it as a business and it works like a business. It’s quite simple, there’s a whole bunch of products available (many of which win consumer awards regularly), we make money by selling the products at wholesale and retail. That’s it. that’s the business. All the other stuff people wrap up into it is the way *they* do it. Your an independent business owner afterall. I’ve met people who literally go door to door trying to selling water purifiers to restaurants. I’ve met people who work as personal trainers and promote the health and nutrition products. I’ve met people who sit at their computers and try to chat people and promote internet shopping. I’ve met people who run “financial intelligence” type talks to talk about the benefits of owning your own business, with a Quixtar business being an option. I’ve met people who run skincare clinics and promote artistry. I’ve met republicans and democrats and greens and atheists and evangelical christians and hindus and buddhists etc etc etc

    There’s over a million IBOs in North America alone. A million. That dateline show focussed on one seminar of a few thousand. What percentage of a million is that? Not much. But of course, datelines not interested in the guys and gals out there running their businesses professionally and profitably - that’d just be boring television.

    By all means do your research, but unfortunately due to some stupid decisions by Quixtar (and earlier Amway) over the years, if all you do is internet research then you’ll tend to only get one small side of one small story.

    The reality is though, that in this day and age the majority of people with the internet DO do their research on the internet. And there’s no easy way for them to know about what a biased sample they’re looking at when they come to conclusions. I got sick of people telling me I was doing stuff that I’m simply not doing. I got sick of people saying things about my business that simply isn’t true.

    acthung al has his experience and his side of the story, and that’s fine. it’s his experience. I’ve decided someone needs to tell another side, so I am googling amway and quixtar and making comments. If I don’t people will just blindly accept what is said on sites like this. You may find that off-putting. Acthung al is apparently so threatened by it he has to censor it. Many folk will already have decided what they think, and just choose to listen to whatever confirms it. A normal human trait.

    Some folk though will be inspired to keep researching and try to get a better picture of what is or isn’t the truth. It’s a shame some folk see that as a bad thing.

  15. Achtung Al! Says:

    Hmmm, so you are saying that other IBO support groups mislead and cheat people, but your support group doesn’t?

    In reference to censorship, again, you are obviously suffering from a lack of understanding. As I have said and others have explained to you, the content of your comments have never been edited. The only editing I’ve done is remove your marketing links. You are not allowed to push your MLM propaganda here.

    In simple terms:


    Each link you try posting, whether in your name or in a message that is deemed to be marketing related will be not only removed, it will be replaced by the most obnoxious links I can find.

  16. Zadoc Says:

    The reason I am here is not to read up on facts about Amway, but to follow the adventures of Al in his pursuit of riches in his quest as an Amway/Quixtar IBO. Al is a friend (albeit he’s a closer friend to my own close friends than to me personally) and already we’ve seen the deterioration in his relationships with life-long friends as well as his long-time passion in radio dwindle due to his new found interest in Quixtar. Honestly, I would like nothing more to see Al achieve whatever it is he is striving for in life, but to see him suddenly dismiss his old friends, his former passions and abruptly switch gears towards something (whether you care to admit it or not) with such a checkered history such as Amway/Quixtar is alarming from an outsider’s perspective.

    Amway is nothing that interests me personally, even if put in the rose-colored glasses that you choose to view it in. I am not a business man, nor am I much of a “people-person”. Even in my line of work as a musician, I am never quite comfortable having to deal with strange club and bar owners and would rather just focus on playing music - but unfortunately that comes with the territory. I am in no way the type to “recruit” people and quite honestly, I have everything in life that makes me happy and no amount of Amway pocket money or pushing other aspects of my life aside for Amway would enrich my happiness. The “horror stories” of people losing money on the “tools business” and the crazy religious fervors of IBO seminars - regardless of whether they’re rare or not is enough to steer me clear away from that sort of thing to begin with.

    Regardless, I think you misunderstand what this blog is about and are looking way too much into it. We’re here as voyeurs into Al’s recent business endeavors fearing the worst and hoping for the best - links to pro-Amway sites by some stranger that we don’t even know isn’t going to stop our concerns for a friend of ours who’s already alienated himself from the people who care about him.

    Regardless, I actually do enjoy reading your posts and it is nice to hear another viewpoint, but it doesn’t stop our concern for our friend Al who’s pretty much become a stranger to us these days.

  17. ibofightback Says:

    you are changing the links I put in my comment info with other links - that’s simply unethical.

    As to the other comments re your position about amway, that’s fine, it’s not for every body, heck it’s not even for most people.

    But at least blog with information that is true, not false or misleading like your latest post which includes average income. Make sure you understand (a) how little you have to do to be included in the average income stats (pretty much nothing) and (b) how in most businesses it takes lots of work over many months or years to make a profit - “hourly rate” makes no sense when you’re starting a business. It would be like discussing how slow someone is running 10 miles through timing them as they watched TV.

  18. Peter M Burr MD Says:

    I discovered this blog in exactly the same way that IBOFB did…googling the blogs to follow what’s going on. FWIW, I’m a retired physician who is the executive director of a hospice agency in middle tennesse, and I am an IBO also. This blog started off interestingly and innocently enough and I was enjoying your humorous take on Al’s involvement. I was amazed by your reaction to IBOFB, though. His site is actually one of the very few really balanced ones out there. It openly discusses all of the different views regarding the history and current status of Amway and Quixtar, and it is widely respected by many on both sides of the controversies. My experience, though fairly brief so far, has been much more like that of IBOFB than some of the others chronicled on various other sites. I have personally encountered no examples of bizarre or inappropriate behavior; however, I have certainly met some people with grossly unrealistic perceptions of the work involved in building a business. I find it unfathomable that someone could think that earning thousands of dollars would require no more effort than telling friends and acquaintances about a business idea, but there are plenty who do. Usually they quit in a matter of months if they last that long. After all, it’s not easy to get a job earning $30K even with a Masters degree nowadays.

    The motivational meetings and tools are standard practice in all realms of sales, and those that I’ve been exposed to are some of the best available anywhere (incidentally I have had professional sales and marketing training in addition to my medical background).

    I know you find it strange that your blog is being seen by others, and that we feel strongly enough to speak up, but that’s just what the internet is all about. I can see that you love your friend and want to protect him. Try to understand that he can only succeed if he protects himself from ridicule and other negative influences. It takes a tremendous effort to maintain the positive attitude that sales requires by it very nature.

    Go Get Em, AL!

  19. Mike Says:

    I think IBOFB has done a good job. What all have to realize is that all views expressed on this site are completely subjective. I am an IBO at the Q12 level, making a decent side income. It is not enough to live with lifestyle, but it is enough to live with an added degree of comfort.

    I have found that there are a lot of people out there who just want to hate on the company because they have had a bad experience, know somebody who has had a bad experience, or it seems to be the popular thing to do (hating on Quixtar/Amway), but there are also some IBOs that are so ‘overbearingly positive’ that they tick people off and give our business a bad name. To think that this business is easy, get rich quick, or anything like that is stupid. It is a business that takes work, effort, and long term endurance, similar to any business.

    To a potential IBO considering this business, realize this…#1) the company has been around in the Amway or Quixtar form for more than 40 years. (I think close to 50). That is a testimony to its longevity and legitimacy.

    #2) The 6 billion dollar alticor umbrella is in the top largest privately held companies in the USA, which is also a testimony to the legitimacy of the company.

    #3) All training systems are DIFFERENT. Not good, or bad, but different. They have different ways of building this business, and many times, their ways of building are what give some people either a positive or negative view of the way things are done. For example, the LTD System does things one way which attract some and repel others. The TEAM system did things one way which obviously got some people mad, but helped others, or they wouldnt have grown to their size.

    #4) As is obvious from this site, the business does not appeal to all, so expecting everybody to be positive about your ideas is not a realistic expectation. But like any product or service, it is a matter of finding those who are interested.

    #5) This business is not a pyramid scheme, which is illegal in the USA and no 6 billion dollar pyramid scheme would make it in this country.

    #6) All views are subjective, including mass media coverage. Simply viewing something on TV or some major broadcasting network does not make it true, it only makes it well known.

    #7) One will work hard to achieve success in any endeavour, be it in the corporate world or the MLM world. IT IS MY PERSONAL BELIEF that this is a better long term pay off for the hard work that you will do. It is a business after all, but residual income is a very nice thing. For one who is willing to work and put up with some crap, I PERSONALLY believe that this business is the best payoff out there.

    I have done my best to describe both sides of the coin here. I appreciate all who participate in the discussion, but do not appreciate those who will not participate with an open mind to consider other views, choosing to be either too positive or too negative.


  20. Outsider Says:

    Ibofightback obviously doesn’t understand quixtar and how it works.

    “There’s over a million IBOs in North America alone. A million. That dateline show focussed on one seminar of a few thousand. What percentage of a million is that?”

    And there probably 20 million former IBO’s who had bad experiences with quickstar. What percentige is that?

  21. NewIBO Says:

    Look…. I just joined into this “CULT” as you hormonally challenged rejects call it… Your mission in life is to destroy anything you don’t understand…. I have read the stories, good and bad, and you know what? The avg. person who lost money in this business…. was a drooling barbarian who couldn’t see past his nose to understand that to gain there is some loss…. How many of you jerk offs buy lotto tickets by the thousands and jump for joy when you hit for ten bucks???? Please your all pathetic little worms??? personnaly I’m going to give it a shot….

    Common Sense Fact #1
    Don’t spend more on your business than it’s projected total income.

    Common Sense Fact #2
    The “Junk” I’m buying is the same Crap you buy….. Only difference is YOU pay MORE and I just get PAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Who’s The Real Nazi “ACHTUNG”

  22. Exit Says:

    Hello NewIBO,

    I am looking, do you have something to show me? From your first sentence, I can sense the caliber of person your are, which isn’t going to support your argument much. Your comment breaks down as follows:

    Sentences (and sentence fragments):
    1. Opening plea
    2. Informing insult
    3. Supposition with no basis of merit
    4. Inquisitive positioning
    5-6. Abusive and assumptive explanation with no basis for merit
    7. Abusive and assumptive explanation with no basis for merit
    8. Abusive query
    9. Declaration of attempt

    10. Cliche attempt to prove worth

    11. Cyclic logic that is both assumptive and impossible

    12. Accusative query

    Now that I’ve analyzed your comment, let’s rework it in to something more understandable for the rest of the readers:

    NewIBO Says: (Translated)

    (1)I’d like the attention of those who do not believe in Quixtar. (2)I recently became an independent business owner that will need to sell a certain amount of products to my friends, my family, and myself to reach a quota. In doing so, I will ensure that the IBO that I signed under gets their just dues and all the IBOs stacked above them.

    By the way, I believe anyone that sees this type of business as a scam to be a he-she-what-is-it that can’t function in society at large. (3)These types of people who refuse to ignore the warning signs of a scam are dead set against wasting years of their lives and funneling thousands of dollars in to a dream that is millions try to make reality. These mindful people probably don’t clearly understand that millions of people working from their houses shilling a limited line of exclusive products devalues the demand and appeal.

    (4)I’ve read some valid news sources and some Quixtar propaganda that have opposing views. Would you care to know what I have found out? (5-6)I’ve learned that the average person who lost money in Quixtar was in fact an unintelligent sub-species of mankind left over from the ice age that can’t envision a future filled with gold plated jets and palatial homes all from selling energy drinks. As their brains are ill-equipped to understand what can be with a fractional return on each sale that only matters if you sucker and sign up someone in to selling the same products. They don’t understand that buying $200 of energy drinks a month from yourself for the first year is just a small price to pay until you acquire enough dedicated Quixtar IBOs underneath yourself. The losses are marginal when compared to the return that I expect will happen at some point because the people at the top told me it *could* happen.

    (7)I would fathom a guess that many who masturbate are not interested in Quixtar because they suspect it is a scam. They are those who would willingly spend thousands for a gleeful return of ten dollars. This is not in any way how Quixtar works.

    (8)I wonder what happens when you please all of your wriggling small fishing bait???

    (9)Personally, I’m hoping that despite my lack of understanding English and spelling, I will be able to finally make some money without advancing my education thanks to Quixtar.

    (10)Point #1.
    I strongly believe it makes sense to not run your company in the red for years if you are not able to *guess* that it will succeed in the end. Being an entrepreneur is a bad idea because of the risk versus the possible outcome.

    (11)Point #2.
    I also strongly believe that everyone likes to buy energy drinks, and that somehow Quixtar is cheaper than WalMart which operates across the globe and has stores within 30 miles from all points in the United States. I also get a small percentage of savings which is nothing like a shopping club discount offered by every mainstay grocer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (12)Who really is not Kosher? “Attention”

  23. NewIBO Says:

    You’re a funny funny guy….
    1. I am intellectual….
    2. My business has me at the top of the Quixtar scale in 6 months….
    3. I write the way I do because I choose to, I know what I said and phrased it as I saw fit….
    4. I don’t appreciate having my statement “reworded” in such a way that it insults not only me but my intelligence….

    Just because it doesn’t work for everybody does not make it a scam. Also if you would do your research, you would understand that by “selling” they are refering to customers you have set up to, themselves, shop at the website, and buy what they need, nothing more….
    This whole glorified idea you peddlers try to push about having to all but open a store and sell at a markup, is a joke…. You’re all beligereent asses!

    As far as the knowledge I have accquired by looking into the negative claims about Quixtar, lets refer back to the Dateline expose, where they mention one guy who walked away after making “Diamond” because he didn’t like the founding principles he thought he discovered…. What did he do? He turned around and opened an ecommerce business not to far from the one he bashed, Quixtar….

    I have done my homework, I have read the literature, I have looked for the “warranted” negatives, and you know what…..

    On a final note, Walmart had more lawsuits in the past year, of all types and classifications, than Amway Global/Quixtar has had since it’s conception….. Yet you dan’t call wallmart a scam?

    I get it, if you don’t understand the cover than the content isn’t worth your time. You don’t understand Quixtar, so instead of looking into it to further understand how it works, you declare it a scam and go about your miserable 25,000/yr life…..

    I have three kids and a decent life, I want to improve it and have a stable support structure that i can depend on whether business related or not….

    You don’t understand it
    You don’t want to understand it
    Your problem, Not mine, Not Quixtar’s

    Let me know if you change your mind…..
    Like the Matrix
    Yellow Pill - I’ll show you how far the rabbit hole goes
    Blue Pill - You’ll wake up and it was all a dream

  24. Exit Says:

    Are you addicted to ellipsis marks?

    1. Is there an online quiz site that determines whether one is an intellectual or not? I’m a rocket scientist. Does saying that mean it is true?

    2. Great! I would love to chronicle your rise to riches. If you are game, I’ll give you access to post here as long as you scan and post your expenses, your purchases, and your returns.

    3. The point of communication is to convey. Your English difficulties and writing style make it difficult for others to understand you. This is why I attempted to translate your first garbled post. Thanks to the internet moving toward ‘Web 2.0′, anyone can post anything that may or may not be capable of communicating effectively.

    4. See above.

    Supposition, supposition, supposition. You clearly have a warped sense of reality and you clearly are not as intelligent as I am. Short sentences work well for you, I suggest keeping to them.

  25. NewIBO Says:

    Ok, EXIT I’m game. But, if the only leg you have to stand on is an online teaching course in third grade gammar, then who is the one that needs to reexamine his outlook on life?
    I don’t doubt that I will stumble, did mcdonald’s rocket to the superpower it is today overnight. W/O loss can one say he has gained? Also how many of these “destitute failures” counted what they consumed into their expenditures?
    The Iced tea I bought on quixtar’s website is the reason I’m broke……
    But, they could’ve gotten twice as much from Giant or Costco and it would’ve been ok????? This is the backwoods mentality that makes you wonder who the real failure is.
    Also I will not dispute the fact that better than 90% of ibos fail in the first year. But why did they fail?
    Let’s see of those 90% how many were “get rich quick” schemers?
    How many were inbred rednecks that didn’t even know what the internet was?
    How many just wanted to belong to something and went to the ends of the earth to go to these rallies?
    How many actually utilized their upline and the mentorship, and their sponser, and asked that “stupid question?”

    Eliminate all those people as though they were never started, and all of the sudden that 90% drops to approximately 25%.

    Now the realizm, the other 25%, wrong area.
    For example, I give you a blank check and tell you to open a KFC. Will you open it in Newark, NJ or the California Hills?
    I open in Newark, another opens in Brooklyn, another opens in Washington D.C., You open in Beverly Hills….. You are the 25% failure, not because I messed up, because you placed in the wrong demographic.

    Same concept. Not rocket science, Common Sense.

    All that’s left is the Success stories, if you open a business of any kind and fail, you blame yourself… right? So why is it you start a business with quixtar and fail it’s Quixtar’s fault?

    I personnaly have sampled some of their products available at their website and you know what, It’s better than the avg store carries. XS energy Drinks, 0 carbs 0 sugar, makes red bull look like Kool Aid, and tastes great. Their energy bars taste like the package says, and not like a vitamin store. For those who would knock this business, try it first. If you did and failed… Why did you fail?

    My kid and I are walking down the street, I trip and fall to one knee because a tree root lifted the sidewalk. It’s not the homeowner’s fault. It’s not my kid’s fault. I should have been watching were I was going.

  26. Exit Says:


    I must admit that your newest post has not improved in the category of readability, but after rereading it a couple times I got the gist. I’m going to be frank and open here, I was pushing your buttons and this response is real. You do need to consider the way you write. If you want to be effective in your online conquests, you must improve your English skills.

    Myself, when I was in High School in the late 80s, I nearly failed my English courses, getting D’s and such. I excelled and majored in Math, Science, and Technology, but English didn’t interest me or connect with me. Besides being a web developer, a photographer, a business owner, and a myriad of other things, I am and have been a musician for years. I started my business as a means to be free of a 9 to 5 job so that I could have the flexibility to perform tours and such.

    Over the past few days, I’ve been going through my song ideas an lyrics from the early 90s. What I’ve seen is terrible grammar and misspellings galore. I probably would have kept at that level, but thanks to the advent of BBSs and later the internet, I’ve been proactive about improving my English. As I’ve never been a book reader due to eye strain issues, I hadn’t had the visual memory of the correct spelling of words. Going online changed this as I don’t suffer from eyestrain with a monitor. I strengthened my skills when I became active in first BBS posting and later the internet with forums.

    Who wants to look like an idiot? I certainly don’t. Who likes to be wrong? Maybe some depressed nut bags like it, but generally I’d say people like being right. People kill people to prove they are right every day. Obviously, it is vital to communicate as best as you can to prove your point. So I ask you to take some more time in preparing your posts. Read through them with the same fervor that you have in keeping this dialog going. If you don’t, you risk being discounted entirely.

    Now, in response to your last post, you should have a look at the latest post on Achtung-Al, it may be down on Quixtar, but it also provides a good argument for why you should consider other revenue sources.

    The main point about this site is not to say that you can’t make money with Quixtar, it is to bring to attention the unlikelihood of making money. You admitted that possibly 90% of those that try Quixtar fail. You have implied that the reason they fail is that they don’t stick with it and try to get better at it. You can make money and succeed, but only if you get enough people under you.

    Now, have you considered the mental/spiritual ramifications of succeeding with Quixtar? It only works when you get enough people in your downline. As you know, the pressure is on the new IBOs to keep a point value, which in turn gets a lot of IBOs to buy from themselves in hopes that someone will buy products from them someday. This is entirely a stressful position to be in; to succeed they need to keep point value, but no one is buying, so they buy the products for themselves using the justification of ‘I could be buying similar products from other sources, but buying from myself keeps my point value.’

    Do you not see the big picture?

    The cast:
    1. New IBOs who buy from themselves $200 a month worth of energy drinks and tea, and maybe some of the few commercial products that Quixtar offers at no savings when compared to a real grocery store.

    2. The Lower Upline who have been with it for years who are constantly eying their coworkers at their day jobs as potential candidates for becoming their downline. They have managed to get a few people under them, so they feel better and buy less from themselves, but are trying hard to get to the point where their downline gets them to break even.

    3. The Higher Upline who are mentoring the Lower Upline, urging them to sign as many people up as possible. Telling them to get their friends in family involved. Telling them to ask those folks if they would be interested in making an extra $1000 a month (the hook). The Higher Upline are more concerned about getting the Lower Upline to do the work for them as they have put in their time and spent more than enough to get there. Call it just dues.

    4. The Organization made up from some Higher Upline that band together to create a bigger presence and circus in hopes to convince the Lower Upline and New IBOs that there is hope. These guys hold meetings, seminars which they may or may not charge for, provide tools for sale, and need to keep as many as possible below them in that position for as long as possible.

    5. The Jewels made up of the top echelon who collect from everyone beneath them and do not need to do anything other than sit back and collect. These guys just want to showboat to encourage the millions that try Quixtar to keep with it, that they too can be on that stage.

    These five ‘characters’ I described above function so that the lowest try to climb up top, but those at the top only want those beneath to keep trying no matter the cost or chance of success. It makes them money. The system needs churn of those who try and never succeed, the ones that buy $200 worth of products each month to keep the overall sales figures high.

    Do you not get it? The idea is to suck you dry and keep you in the system long enough until you realize it is heartless and nearly impossible. Until you realize that in order to succeed, you need to cause financial suffering for all those below you. It isn’t a win-win scenario, it is a profit-loss scenario.

    If you compound all the time spent in training, at meetings, doing research, and reading the tools suggested, how is that profitable? You could have gotten a second job at WalMart and made $2000 - $5000 a year extra.

    Face it, if you want to make $1000 in a day, you will need to find a different source of revenue and work for it.

    Also, the independent reviews I got from Al’s friends that tried the Quixtar products were that they don’t want to order a case of an exclusive energy drink through a friend, they want to go to the store and choose a drink from a wall of coolers.

  27. NewIBO Says:

    I don’t doubt that it does cost. And, can get expensive, if you let it. I will tell you though it works like the AmEx card, in that what you buy you get a percentage. You don’t count what you buy, be it consumables clothes jewels etc…. as loss in your business, you are going to buy them anyway. Now how the system works is:

    I am at the 9% part of the scale, meaning I get 9% back on every dime I spend
    You are my IBO and are at 3%, meaning you get three percent of your money back
    I as your upline get my 9%pv (personal volume) plus the business’ 6%bv (business volume)

    I spent 100 last month, I get $9
    You spent 100 last month you get $3
    Business spent 200 I get $12

    My bonus check for that month is $21
    So I spent $100 on stuff I needed and got $21 back as a thank you. And it does go up exponentially, all the way up to 25%

    I (25%) get 25 back off that $100
    You (15%) get $15 off your hundred
    I (10%) get $20 of the BV
    My total is $45
    and that is w/o the bonuses and with only one IBO….. I when i start next month will have 8 IBOs and 4 customers….
    Customers in this sense are people that have access to the site to shop and buy, just don’t see the rewards, all they get are the discounts.

    And, as far as being overpriced. I live in PA and just bought a can of red bull ( the small one) for 3 dollars. I can go online and get XS which is a healthier energy drink, by the case, for approximately $2/can. So I honestly don’t see how they are shafting anyone as I have heard from other people in other forums. It’s not low quality, it doesn’t taste like crap, and if you don’t like it you have a prepaid return shipping label, you wend it back and get a 100% return of the money you spent on the product, no questions asked. Also look at the Affiliate websites that approached Quixtar to become a part of the website:
    and many more….

    surf and you will see what i am talking about…..
    Later On

  28. Exit Says:

    Hi Tom,

    I understand the incentives are there, they have to be to get people interested. It is not to far from joining Sam’s Club to get discount items, except there are no tiers of savings. For all intensive purposes, Quixtar is an affiliate program which anyone can sign up and sell with.

    The darker side is that there is a serious campaign that lures people in to buying products from Quixtar or through Quixtar. This results in a bit of an unrealistic consumption of products to keep point value. Myself, I have no interest in energy drinks, teas, or 95% of the products offered. Then again, I am not most people as I am a vegetarian and buy only brands I deem socially responsible (this is not an invitation to discuss whether QUixtar products are or are not socially responsible).

    As for partnerships, I am partnered with Adobe, one of the largest software makers in the world. Was it difficult do become a partner? Not at all, I simply joined under their partner program. Doing a quick search and I see that anyone can be a Petco affiliate, a Barnes & Noble affiliate, and I’m sure the rest of the list that Quixtar holds. Anyone can partner with these companies, so long as you get your business license and Tax ID/EID number.

    Maybe I should partner with all the partners that Quixtar did and sell their products on this website to demonstrate what I mean. You can do the same by buying a web domain like ‘’ and selling products via the affiliate program.

    Let it be publicly known that I will email you directly with access information to your own corner of this website to record your journey with Quixtar. I am interested to see if you can back up your two claims:

    1. in 6 months you will be at the top of the Quixtar scale

    2a. in 1 month you will have 8 IBOs who are active under you
    2b. in 1 month you will have 4 customers that have placed at least one order

    Are you ready?

  29. NewIBO Says:

    As I said in the email i sent back, I will chronical my ups and downs from day one. I will put in that corner the exact Date and Time of my official registration, and we will go from there. I do understand that you are a vegetarian and give you all the credit you are due for that choice it is a hard one to make and stick with. No more debating just cold hard facts.

    All that will be in that corner is when i start an ibo/customer drop an ibo/customer, and my percentage totals. My income overall will be kept to your emails in privacy. Not that I have anything to hide it’s just not public knowledge


  30. Kazi Hamidullah Says:

    To get the proper & right research about anything to get into, INTERNET is not the right source. Try to find out about company (FTC approved) and/or attending business seminars by buying ticktes pay for it for real business and meet actual/successful people who can able to give you facts and figures about whatever you may want to clarify your needs. Google is a search engine cannot gives you actual information like research that you can rely on because its (blogs) people who puts information together based on their own opinion either positive or negative, and a million dollars decision cannot make based on just search or so called research from google/internet. Hope that helps. I always say for my success is - “I let the loser stay broke and helps the winners win!” Hope you want to win. And I can help!

  31. Exit Says:

    HAhahahahah! Cherry that you should write. Let me explain to you that this site was created because someone I knew became an Amway zombie believing in the illusion that in 3 years he could be sitting pretty. Anyone with any common sense can see that this is *IMPOSSIBLE* as no one wants to buy crap from Quixtar/Amway except for the IBOs and the pestered friends and family of these IBOs. You can only make money by duping people into signing up under you and hope to get a large enough downline.

    Oh, also, Al gave up any hope of making anything after three years of buying energy drinks and Amway teas to keep his point value requirements up for each month.

    The BBB is a joke. They only report on those that have complained to the BBB and the complaints are private. It’s an outdated service that exists for one reason, to encourage shoppers to believe the site they are dealing with is viable. I tend to worry when I see a BBB logo on website because it makes me wonder why they would need to take that step. In order to have that logo, businesses pay about $600 a year. It’s all BS. I don’t see a BBB logo on

    Kazi, my advice to you is to wise up and run away from Amway as fast as you can. If you are already paying in hopes to making money someday, I’d love for you to contribute your experience! I offered this before to someone and for some reason, they never responded. I gave them access to author their own posts and everything. If you can tell us all how much you spend each month and how much you earn each month, then I’ll give you a voice.

    I don’t believe in luck, but you will need something like it to survive the ordeal you are about to face with Amway. I wish you the best and hope you don’t suffer too much.

  32. Kazi Hamidullah Says:

    Dear Exit,
    I appreciate you are somehow very dissapointed about business opportunity powered by Amway which is one of the greatest opty that people could affiliate with. You have all the knowledge from people who failed and critics and yourself. I wished you met your right mentor who could help you and still you have a chance. Successful people hardly have a time to crap against these internet negatives, anything you do in life to succeed is to overcome obsticles/critics and believing inyourself. Fpr Amway the parent company is Alticor stablished on 1959 now and BWW 1960s the opty is in 89+ countries and territories is not a joke my Exit friend. Your name is exit what else I can expect from you, cannot enter anywhere now you enter innocense people mind by giving negatives. Please learn the facts and truth about others success with total honesty, people who failed make it wrong not the company faults. I only can control myself, how it looks if I wanted to control you. Right. I only can help if yuo are willing to listen and change. Its a $9 billions privately held company and provide values, integrity and bigger than YAHOO, having commercials, newspapers, ads on TV, so people are talking about Amway and wanted to get in. When u started beliebing that you could accomplished so many thing with people who are willing to help you, you will. Two things people fear about, fear of people, and fear of rejection. How much I make from my business affiliated with Amway, if I know how much you make in a year doing anything I will get depressed, or if I tell you how much I make in part-time you will get depressed. Lets not do that then. Its a leadership business opportunity that money cannot buy. I don’t sell Energy Drinks, skin care, home care or even health. I sell hope, dream, and help people succeed overcoming challenges. I let the loser stay broke and helps the winner win. And Exit one advice to you from me, change your name from Exit to “Enter” and help people with positives and start proud to say “how much people are better off because you lived” with total integrity and honesty.



  33. Exit Says:

    Kazi, so that we can better understand, can you clear up a few questions?

    1. Should everyone be an Amway IBO?

    2. Are you saying that those who are not Amway IBOs are losers?

    3. What do you sell if you say that you do not sell Amway’s key products? (Your website links off to two different sales pages for Amway products, so I’m confused why you said you don’t sell energy drinks or skin care products. Oh wait, is the reason why you don’t sell these things is that no one is buying?)

    4. Are you buying products from Amway? If so, are you doing so to maintain your point value?

    5. If you feel comfortable, how much do you net from Amway in a month? (Minus your expenses and any products you bought from yourself.)

    For the record, I do not need a mentor. I have a real and profitable company which I run and I have no one over me. I work for myself, as much or as little as I like, and sell a service rather than a commodity. This means that I have very low operating expenses. I would *never* consider becoming an Amway IBO.

    My name is ‘Exit’ because I have left behind the common world. I have removed myself from the mainstream. I do not need to impress anyone or make myself appear positive. I also have lived my life with principles and brutal honesty. I have no reason to lie about anything, unlike most people.

    Also, for the benefit of the reader, please try to break your response in to paragraphs as it is tiring to read one large block of text.

    Lastly, you are not authorized to advertise on this website. Please refrain from posting your marketing related website when leaving a reply. I’ll only give you this one warning.

  34. Kazi Hamidullah Says:

    I didn’t mean to insult you or anything regarding your name. I found out your name is Exit Zoolander. Exit is your real first name that’s awesome. I do apologize for making fun at your first name. Name is a very sensitive things I didn’t intent to hurt you, I thought it was your internet pseudo name.

    Now let’s begin and end it today our conversation. After going through all the discussion from my writing below you or anyone should not have any questions or concerns about any doubt if you are intelligent enough. Remember, intelligent people look at something before they make any decision, I hope you are an intelligent person and whoever reading this blogs.

    If you or any readers want to clear any questions after today please contact me directly on my cell# (xxx) xxx-xxxx and I will be glad to speak with you 24/7. I will be more than happy to answer you or any of your concerns. Please don’t expect me writing back anymore or answering any questions here this sites. You know my number just call me if you need to clarify anything from the right source about any facts or figures for any help to give you about Amway/BWW opportunity. I really don’t have time write blogs that usually I don’t do, we leave that for negative people, and if you want to fail in anything just follow their footprint/writing and you will end up one, congratulations. So far I did for benefits to those I wanted to safe from critics like people who write negatives about anything from their own opinions with no values to people who are successful. I heard from one success principal, success is about helping people live better lives. And success is a choice.

    For your record, skills can be taught and learned but your character cannot that you come up with. And ambitious people carry these three qualities, 1) if you have a genuine need, 2) willing to listen, and 3) willing to change, to qualify to work with us and having your own business. We can help you succeed or we pass if you don’t qualify. No harm, we just disassociate with people who don’t have a dream, no intention to listen and change is required to have a great life from a good life.

    No Exit everyone should not be an Amway affiliate IBO. People having their own personal choice to do whatever they think they can do. Amway is nothing but a very successful company holding 50 years track records, over $9,000,000,000 (Billions) dollars market and 17% growth from last year concentrated with health care, home care, skin care, and partner store giving people opportunity to having their own business powered by Amway so people can create secondary source of income and having a legitimize business with total integrity and honesty. If you are not honest you will fail in this opportunity and please leave the IBO-ship. Do something else.

    Those who are not Amway IBOs are not losers. I don’t say that. Remember one thing, those who are successful in this business opportunity are willing to listen and in business journey willing to change are winners. Successful people learned to value people. Losers are those who falls into the crap of internet negatives or critics and got their dream stolen by other people’s opinion without looking onto the opportunity by themselves are silly. You cannot learn from failure how to succeed. And you cannot learn how to succeed if not willing to fail over and over. People who quit on dream fails on anything.

    No wonder you have only very limited knowledge about Amway opportunity. Amway is a very large industry making over 450 exclusive patented products for business of businesses that people need daily basis. And they don’t spend money on advertizes but concept of giving people who has a dream of making money affiliated with Amway and having exclusive rights to market their products. There are few ways we business owners make money, sell the products make money, create organization and helping other business owners sell so they make money and we make money based on the compensation plan. And Leadership income reach to the top %’s and help other people do the same how we make big bucks. Simple but not easy, there is no free lunch, cannot make money overnight, like many people not willing to change and listen from beginning. But some people do stick with it and succeed. This business opportunity is not for everyone. Those who qualify can run a huge business and get wealthy. All about you who make a choice and make the decision to succeed and learn who to follow the footprint. My business website is password protected and only qualify person we meet can see the full presentation and my retails website from the company is exposed legally to create some customer just like Amazon retail website does. We have exclusive rights to market their product. If you are not hungry you would not look for a restaurant right. So if you don’t want to make money doesn’t matter how big the opportunity is. In beginning I was also skeptic but I was not stupid.

    Any business you do you need people and people either buy products or services. We have both. Please read some positive mental attitude books which help you answer your 1000s questions and concerns about leadership. This is not only a business it’s a creating a life. And you cannot put a price tag on your own freedom.

    We don’t try to convince people to get into the Amway business, it’s a wrong thing most people do and fail. I don’t have to impress you by telling how much I make from this opportunity affiliated with Amway having my own business in e-commerce powered by Amway. The business plan is simple you do the work follow the BWW system (just like having a college degree you do study and go to college) the success footprint is there and you do succeed if you listen and change your employee mindset to a business owner mindset. See the successful people Billionaires don’t even have a college degree like Bill Gates, Sam Walton, Larry Wilson, McDonalds owner, all they have a dream and focus to move on in life with vision and stick with their decision. You need change and follow the success principal you would succeed. Or stay in 98% side 9-5 until 65. 2% people are well sufficient at the age 65 and wealthy.

    This opportunity should require a mentorship because we work as a team and someone has done it before you. And great part is BWW provide a free mentorship. Leadership business all does need a mentor to follow the footprint to succeed. Or if you have a self employed all you by yourself in your own business you don’t need a mentor. You are your own mentor. Don’t mix match just a business (own idea) with Amway/BWW opportunity. Read the blog over and over again to understand or call me I have your answer but you cannot effort me. I make more money than you ever can imagine in lifetime to make which is a personal freedom to get financially free. We are not anybody’s boss, we also work for ourselves but we do follow a support system that’s all just like going to college for learning and get educated as long as we want, to have a successful business. After certain time our presence don’t require to run our business with Amway because it’s a time leveraging and private franchise business help three people succeed what they want to make 6 figures income and help 6 people do that and you make solid big 6 figures income which are residual in nature and be free rest of your life and three generation will get that income willable and inheritable by the Amway corporation. Why you would join the Amway opportunity if you don’t like what you see. You have to do the proper research about the company, people, and future what you can provide for your Family. If your chemistry matches with the opportunity and get qualify for it then you can able to join. The best thing is this is an equal opportunity for everyone and not a rocket science. We don’t judge people. We try to help in the beginning and depend on who you were with if not with the successful IBO you will fail and get the wrong impression about everything.

    I am glad that your name is Exit and left behind. But you are a common world to me. The truth is you are in the mainstream. Learn the power of giving. I don’t know about other people but I should not lie.

    Doesn’t matter how I write my thoughts. It’s all about what you write.

    Last but not the least’s, keep your own warning to yourself. Don’t write anything else and give crap to others from your writing unless you first check yourself from the mirror. And ask inside the mirror whoever you see what else he or she can teach you to succeed for more in life and touch other people succeed. Success is helping people live better lives. Not help yourself get rich alone.

    I end up with this “how many people are better off because you lived.”

  35. Exit Says:

    Wow, thanks for writing in paragraphs, that makes things a bit easier to follow.

    Wow, wow, wow-oh-wow. You are spewing mantras like a madman and contradicting yourself. I understand that right now, you believe in Amway. I’m not telling you that you shouldn’t, but anyone that has a brain will realize that is not going to do anything but waste years of your life.

    I’ve explained this before:

    You invent a product that no one else has. Let’s call this Product A. You sell Product A with a 50% markup and make a nice profit.

    - or -

    You find a company that created Product A. They decide it is better to not advertise, but instead hope that regular people on the street can act as affiliates and sell the product for you, for a small percentage, say 4% of the markup. You make little, but the main company rakes in the funds and you get no where.

    If you want to have a real business, why not contact manufacturers of various products and sell those instead of Amway products? Buying wholesale products from China and selling them on your own website can rake in the funds. My friend helped someone do this and he became a millionaire in a year.

    The point is you are a tool by all definitions when you are suckling the teats of Amway. You can not succeed, unless you spent years conning others to join under you and sell them the dream.

    Let’s make a bet, shall we? I bet in 2 years, you will not be active with Amway. Prove me wrong. Here is your chance to prove that what you believe is worthwhile.

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