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Welcome to Best Buy, I Love You

Tuesday, March 11th, 2008

Welcome to Best Buy, I Love You

Three years is all it takes to become independently wealthy, with the Quixtar Amway Global plan. At least that was the original plan. As it turned out, Quixtar wasn’t the fast track, so moving to a similar orginization called LTD Team is. Who is Leadership Team Development Team? Their website is sparse on description on the onset, instead you have to do some digging to find this page:

Again, it doesn’t exactly say what they do, but I’ve been lead to believe they are just like Quixtar, but somehow ‘better’. Where does one find some information on this mysterious company? The web always has something, here is what I found:

Within this discussion, it appears Leadership Team Development Team has members approaching people in McDonald’s asking if they want to make more money. Ah, I get it, a splinter cell of Quixtar which isn’t directly authorized by Quixtar, but instead can add one more middle man to the line-up.

Apparently, this idea is such a smashing success. So much that the Leadership Team Development Team has set up representatives working in low wage jobs teeming with public presence to further their expansive power. Imagine the intelligence of this situation:

1. Form a company which constantly hires ‘Independant Business Owners’ to work for them

2. Have those IBOs hire more

3. Ask those IBOs buy products from the company to support the company

4. Pay them a portion back what they buy from the company in points

5. Have these IBOs spend every free moment learning how to run a better business

6. When they are not learning how to run their business, have them work shitty public jobs in hopes that they can bring more in to the fold

I know it sounds ridiculous, but it was one of Al’s co-workers that introduced him to Quixtar. And so the cycle continues…