Welcome Tom

takingthechallenge.pngAs a discussion cropped up in an older post, I’ve challenged Tom, a new Quixtar Amway Global IBO to report his time with Amway Global in a real and honest way, by reporting his expenses, purchases, and his returns. This section is his do provide such details and not to be used for abusive or promotional use. The secondary purpose is for reporting any related activity concerning the goals which he has created for himself:

1. in 6 months you will be at the top of the Amway Global scale

2a. in 1 month you will have 8 IBOs who are active under you
2b. in 1 month you will have 4 customers that have placed at least one order

Tom, welcome to your corner of ACHTUNG AL!, time to strut your stuff.

Chancellor of ACHTUNG AL!

2 Responses to “Welcome Tom”

  1. Zadoc Says:

    …and six months later Tom has miraculously disappeared without a single post.

  2. Exit Says:

    I know! All that effort to promote this guy and he vanishes. Just think about how much success he could have found had he followed through. He could have been making -$60 a week buying products from himself!

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