Amway becomes Quixtar becomes Amway

Quixtar has become Quit-star as the parent company Alticore decided to dump the 8 year old name. Here it was just yesterday that I mentioned that their name is overshadowed by negativity — scam accusations and IBOs complaining about financial diffuculties after failing with Quixtar. Now they repealed the new name in favor of the old name, which is most likely a distant memory in peoples’ minds.

 Personally, I believe Quixtar is a terrible business name as it may be easy to remember the sound of it, but the spelling could be many different ways. Upon hearing the name, I googled Quick Star, Quickstar, and finally Quixtar. Upon trying to remember the name, it could be misspelled Quitar, Quitxar, Quitstar, Quikstar, Quixstat, or even Quickxstar. Who knows, but I doubt the proper research was done on name branding recognition.

¬†Amway immediately is less threatening as a name. I relate it to a series of other names sharing the ‘way’ suffix such as Safeway or Jamesway (department store now defunct). Regardless of the name, it hasn’t changed my reaction to this company. My mind still screams ‘run away before you become hopelessly ruined!’

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4 Responses to “Amway becomes Quixtar becomes Amway”

  1. ibofightback Says:

    For more gossip on this, check out the truth about amway

  2. ibofightback Says:

    Just to point out, the owner of this blog changed the link in the above comment and the link for my username to another website. What disgraceful ethics.

  3. Mike Says:

    If the host really did do that, he is a real jerk. That is a testimony to his in-ability to have an open-minded, intelligent, 2 sided discussion.

    For anybody viewing this, its easy to pick out those who are IBOs from those who are just negative. IBOs (ones who are realisitic) will discuss both sides of the coin (meaning the good and the bad about the business), while negative people will just be flat out negative and completely deny that a $6 billion company could possibly do anything right. After they are called out, they’ll try to justify their actions with stupid comments.

  4. Calvin Says:

    I agree. Been checking out quixtar information and it’s clearly divided conversation. What I noticed though, is when quixtar folks are presented with facts and tough questions, they start name calling and insulting.

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