‘Cat’egory out of the Bag

Today, I explained that to Al the existence of this site and the reason for it. In doing so, I have invited him to blog his experiences in his own words in a new category entitled ‘Al’s Corner’. This should be an interesting spin against the one-sided view that I provide.

 The challenge I gave him was simple — prove me wrong. Prove to me that something worthwhile will come from working for Quixtar. I personally know that he spends countless hours seeking to improve his standing. If he can indeed make this worth his while, I will openly salute and congratulate him. I personally doubt that I will need to.

As a business owner myself, I understand how hard it is to make it. I know that sometimes it takes a long time with what seems like lots of wasted energy before profits can show. As Quixtar has a large cloud of negativity surrounding it, it will take a lot of extra effort to make a true success happen.

People do shop online for everyday items, which is one thing Quixtar offers. To Quixtar’s detriment, there are other venues which offer better prices and a wider variety of commonly known products such as Amazon’s newest Grocery section (http://www.amazon.com/grocery).

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