Amway, the Best Job you Never Had defines ‘Job’ as:

1. A regular activity performed in exchange for payment, especially as one’s trade, occupation, or profession.

Note the phrase ‘in exchange for payment’. I understand that those who sell Amway products are employed by themselves, and therefore are responsible for paying themselves, just as any self-employment situation. What I don’t understand is how so many people can tell keep looking in to the future where a land of 24-karat gold plated yachts sail around a man-made lakes behind mansions owned by successful IBOs.

News Flash!
Spending 16 hours a day and paying yourself the equivilant of a Honduran making Nike appearal in Guatamala’s AAA factory is not success by conventional standards. Oh, actually, checking the records, the typical employee of the Honduran AAA/Alejandro Apparel factory makes $1.11 an hour, or $211.94 a month compared to the typical Amway/Quixtar IBO making $115 a month. Maybe the Quixtar people should move to Honduras to make some real money!

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  1. Torgo Says:

    You foolish man, do you not realize that $115 a month is excellent money, and signifies success in all known ways iftheyearwas1883 ??

  2. Buggy Fishkill Says:

    So much work this is…I know someone who did absolutely nothing and made $190.00 per week, if only she’d thought of selling crap and losing her friends…she could’ve halved her income! What a disappointment and/or missed opportunity that was.

  3. POMP Says:

    I like Money.

  4. Exit Says:


  5. Torgo Says:


  6. I can explain Says:

    I like your comparison between a Honduran worker and an Amway buisnes partner because I really had to laugh about it and it shows how much knowlegde you have about the Amway buisness.
    As you say correctly, this 115$ a month is the average. If you would have researched correctly there are a lot of Amway buisness partners all over the world, who do not try to built up their buisnesses but only have a licence for getting the products, you only can buy within the Amway bussnes. They get little money, maybe about 5$ a month (nothing worth mentioning). But on the other side there are a lot of people trying to built there own business being very succesful in it. And because of your great research you surely know, that there are also lot of NEW buisness partners in these days, because the buisness grows faster and faster. That you do not come into the buisness and have a steadily income of a million dollars a year is totaly clear, that would be to easy, wouldn’t it. And surely you can calculate, so maybe now it’s clear how that average of 115$ comes about. Amway is a buisness you have to work for, everybody saying something else is talking bullshit. I personally am a NEW starter, not from the USA, but from Germany (in this context I like your comparisons about Amway/Quixstar and all the nazi-shit, because they are so bad that they are good again. HAHA!!! I only want to ask you for one thing, if you do some pictures, please at least use correct uniforms etc. I would also like another type of comarision. As dumm as some of you Americans are, you don’t really mention what system you live in, some people on the very top of you country clean their asses with your money. And destry thousands of lifes on the other side of the planet only for their own causes) and I know a lot of succesful people, who fly over your house an shit on your roof out of their learjets. How good, there are some dummies around here, who do not start the Amway buisness, otherwise it wouldn’t work… ;-)

  7. Manny Says:

    I was in Amway under a group called network 21. My upline was always pushing me to attend all the meetings and to purchase audio cassettes and other stuff. It funny because he was never concerned about making sales or finding customers. We were always looking to sign people up and hook them into the nextwork 21 system.

  8. DON BURTON Says:

    For all you people that keep talking about quixtar. You dont know what you are talking about. I average over a thousand dollars a month in the business. My first month in business I jumped in face first and made $326.19 I followed the directions of my mentors and finally found my place in life. Everyone on my downline in my business team is profiting considerable. I have people that have quit smoking tobacco, using recreational drugs, cheating on their spouse, abusing alcohol. buying useless products that are cancerous from our local shelves at stores. Yes I did stop associating with almost all of my old friends. The power of association is a big key to life. Say what you will but you have never been part of Leadership Team development and if you did you did not follow the plan. But you keep working your job, staying away from your kids, kissing up to a boss because he signs your pay check. Keep on making excuses in life to not try or have faith in anything that you are in control of you might as well be a slave. This business of Leadership Team Development is not for everybody and we do not recruit people, whoever lied and said at open meetings they ask for $200 is LYING. Do not give half the effort and blame some else because of your lifestyle that you created or not created but just choose to not climb over the obstacle. Grow up and get a self image. Our business builds people, but people do not know how to build themselves because they are part of a system since the beginning of grade school that builds you up to be an employee. Get some knowledge if you have any and you know what I mean e-mail me. I say E-mail me because I have one of the worse cases on why I should not have tried the business. By the way I am going platnum soon with a wife that wants to destroy my business until she got fired from her job two weeks ago. Now its not a worry. Just keep chatting and let someone else be in control of you and your families income. Sleep on that. [email protected] My income is increasing and I constantly bless other people. Call us a cult or whatever you want. I bet every business owner who stays in touch with the business system sleeps better on a bad night than most people on the best night of their lives. Always willing to chat. THOUGHT PROCESS.

  9. Zadoc Says:


    Have you ever heard of a paragraph?

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