How much do you spend a month on groceries? Myself, I spend about $150 total in a month on food, which includes a weekly dining out. Let’s just say that I spend $200 on all that I need to eat for myself in a month. Now, I ask, what does the typical IBO spend?

 Taking in to account that Quixtar raves about the sales of the XS Energy Drink versus the amount of products I see Al buy for himself, I wonder some about it all. Perhaps Quixtar IBOs are the reason why the drink product sells so well… to themselves?

 Let’s do some math now. Quixtar/Amway reports that their IBOs took home “$2.2 billion in bonuses and other incentives” in a fiscal year. That sounds great, doesn’t it? Possibly, but only for a minority of the IBOs. According to Quixtar’s website, the IBOs make an average of $115 a month (they are required by law to display this fact.) Since we don’t know exactly how much real money has been paid out ($2.2 billion minus “incentives”), we will just keep with the full value.

 $115 a month = $1380 a year

$2,200,000,000 a year / $1380 a year = 1,594,203 IBOs

Many IBOs are urged to buy products from themselves in order to keep in the game. One product that seems to sell in large volume is the XS Energy Drinks. References report that XS Energy Drink sales are around $51,000,000 in 2002. If we were to assume ALL XS Energy Drinks were sold to 50% of the IBOs we get this:

50% of 1,594,203 IBOs = 797,101.5 IBOs

$51,000,000 / 797,101.5 IBOs  = $64 a year or 2.7 cases (12 cans) per year

 Hmm, doesn’t sound too unreasonable to say that half of the IBOs spend $64 a year on their claim to flame product. It also doesn’t sound impossible that most of the products (or even all) are sold directly to IBOs starving for a future of finacial freedom.

 I would love someone to tell me exactly how many IBOs are out there, or at least an average amount of active IBOs in a year. There must be a value as Quixtar gave us the $115 a month value themselves.

3 Responses to “XS EXPLOSION!”

  1. Torgo Says:

    I have no hard info, but it appears that the IBO’s make approximatley enough money in one year to pay for a night out with the entire family (no more than 4) at Applebee’s!

    Its truly worth the work! The Master approves!!

  2. POMP Says:


    Your logic is flawed. A dedicated IBO has abandoned his friends and family in his holy quest for financial freedom. And Television is forbidden, so I’m afraid Applebees would be out of the question.

    Perhaps he could take a few sharp people from his downline out for a night of bible-thumping, and Kool-Aid drinking?

    But even that’s doubtful, because as far as I can tell most IBO’s are shut-ins and Quixtar doesn’t sell Kool-Aid … because that’s a name brand product.

  3. Torgo Says:


    Why I am sorry about my line of thinking! Of course of there would really be no one in his life to take out for a fine night of dining at Applebee’s except the retards he swindled into this.

    And you are correct, the Kool-Aid would not work. Not only is it too expensive, but the real drink of brainless cult people is FLAVOR-AID … why just ask Jim Jones’ ex-worshippers!!! Oh, wait ….

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