NEW ORDER [$166.95]

No, not a German reference or a synthpop band, but rather the new order was a shipment of products that came in today from Quixtar. What did Al order? Let’s have a look!

Quixtar Order - June 8th, 2007
Door of Opportunity is Open!

Most of these boxes contained energy drinks. According to Al, these energy drinks rival Red Bull in sales, ranking in at number 2. I have no official source of information on this, but there is a large suspicion that the Quixtar IBOs are the reason for this.

 As mentioned elsewhere, most IBOs wind up buying from themselves as a tactic to improve their sales records. It have been suggested that many of these self-patrons make up the largest percentage of their total sales.

This order seems to be for:
$ 30.00 = 24 Clearly Fruit Punch XS Sports Drink
$ 24.99 = 24 Zsenso Iced Green Tea
$ 39.99 = 24 Seismic Super Juice
$ 23.99 = 12 Tropical Blast XS Energy Drink
$ 47.98 = 24 Tea-Berry Blast XS Energy Drink
$166.95 Total Bought [This price does not included shipping costs]

Quixtar Order Close Up
Golly! Al must be really thirsty!

5 Responses to “NEW ORDER [$166.95]”

  1. Optix Says:

    For the record, those energy drinks taste like rancid asshole. Anyone who’s tried one once will never drink it again, much less buy it… So it being ranked #2 in “most sold”, I’d like to see those records… Something tells me none of us should hold our breath for that.

  2. POMP Says:

    The Fastest Growing Energy Drink You Never Heard Of:

  3. Zadoc Says:

    Well, the only sales reference I could find comes straight from XS/Quixtar -

    I find it pretty tough to swallow being a self made statistic…

  4. Courtney Says:

    I just watched the Dateline expose. Wow! I totally felt like I was watching a 70’s occult movie. This stuff really freaks me out, it’s like some sort of weird melding of the Avon Lady meets the Church Lady meets Rosemary’s Baby. You should check Al for weird telltale physical marks of occult membership, like a pin prick in the ear, or perhaps an odd word or number “scarred” into his scalp or palm.

  5. Torgo Says:

    The master .. says .. try STEVEN SE..GAALS … Energy DRink

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