Amway becomes Quixtar becomes Amway

June 14th, 2007

Quixtar has become Quit-star as the parent company Alticore decided to dump the 8 year old name. Here it was just yesterday that I mentioned that their name is overshadowed by negativity — scam accusations and IBOs complaining about financial diffuculties after failing with Quixtar. Now they repealed the new name in favor of the old name, which is most likely a distant memory in peoples’ minds.

 Personally, I believe Quixtar is a terrible business name as it may be easy to remember the sound of it, but the spelling could be many different ways. Upon hearing the name, I googled Quick Star, Quickstar, and finally Quixtar. Upon trying to remember the name, it could be misspelled Quitar, Quitxar, Quitstar, Quikstar, Quixstat, or even Quickxstar. Who knows, but I doubt the proper research was done on name branding recognition.

 Amway immediately is less threatening as a name. I relate it to a series of other names sharing the ‘way’ suffix such as Safeway or Jamesway (department store now defunct). Regardless of the name, it hasn’t changed my reaction to this company. My mind still screams ‘run away before you become hopelessly ruined!’

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‘Cat’egory out of the Bag

June 13th, 2007

Today, I explained that to Al the existence of this site and the reason for it. In doing so, I have invited him to blog his experiences in his own words in a new category entitled ‘Al’s Corner’. This should be an interesting spin against the one-sided view that I provide.

 The challenge I gave him was simple — prove me wrong. Prove to me that something worthwhile will come from working for Quixtar. I personally know that he spends countless hours seeking to improve his standing. If he can indeed make this worth his while, I will openly salute and congratulate him. I personally doubt that I will need to.

As a business owner myself, I understand how hard it is to make it. I know that sometimes it takes a long time with what seems like lots of wasted energy before profits can show. As Quixtar has a large cloud of negativity surrounding it, it will take a lot of extra effort to make a true success happen.

People do shop online for everyday items, which is one thing Quixtar offers. To Quixtar’s detriment, there are other venues which offer better prices and a wider variety of commonly known products such as Amazon’s newest Grocery section (

NEW ORDER [$166.95]

June 8th, 2007

No, not a German reference or a synthpop band, but rather the new order was a shipment of products that came in today from Quixtar. What did Al order? Let’s have a look!

Quixtar Order - June 8th, 2007
Door of Opportunity is Open!

Most of these boxes contained energy drinks. According to Al, these energy drinks rival Red Bull in sales, ranking in at number 2. I have no official source of information on this, but there is a large suspicion that the Quixtar IBOs are the reason for this.

 As mentioned elsewhere, most IBOs wind up buying from themselves as a tactic to improve their sales records. It have been suggested that many of these self-patrons make up the largest percentage of their total sales.

This order seems to be for:
$ 30.00 = 24 Clearly Fruit Punch XS Sports Drink
$ 24.99 = 24 Zsenso Iced Green Tea
$ 39.99 = 24 Seismic Super Juice
$ 23.99 = 12 Tropical Blast XS Energy Drink
$ 47.98 = 24 Tea-Berry Blast XS Energy Drink
$166.95 Total Bought [This price does not included shipping costs]

Quixtar Order Close Up
Golly! Al must be really thirsty!

Quixtar + Al = ACHTUNG AL!

June 8th, 2007

ACHTUNG AL! is now live!

About 6 months ago, Al decided that his financial future is just around the corner. He found a company that provides its Independant Business Owners (IBOs) a way to sell their products to consumers world-wide a list of products only carried by Quixtar. These IBOs are encouraged to bring more IBOs in to the fold, which they then could make a percentage of the sales made by the IBOs signed under them. According to Quixtar, you can make thousands in a week if you only put enough effort in to it!

Where does this lead? Well, Al, who usually has some common sense has become one of these Quixtar junkies. This website is a journal from an outside perspective of his success as a Quixtar IBO. I’ll update this as news happens, so keep a watch on this site!

Steve Baldwin,
Chancellor of ACHTUNG AL!

Office of the Chancellor

Door of the Chacellors Office